I-Doser Premium 1.2.6


Binaural Brainwave Doses for Every Imaginable Mood.

Don't be fooled by the cheap imitations out there!

I-Doser.com is the Industry Leader in Binaural Brainwave Technology. Using proven, safe, and scientific methods of synchronizing your brainwaves, a simulated state can be achieved through the use of the I-Doser Player Application for Android.

Includes 40 highly advanced binaural sequences designed with years of research and development. Includes 20 full-length advanced sequences and over 20+ more available through in-app purchase.

The ONLY binaural simulator to offer integrated ambient soundscape custom tailored to each and every simulation.

The ONLY binaural simulator to offer real-time tuning. Fine tune your experience in real-time, on the fly, for the best results possible!

The ONLY binaural simulator to offer integrated guides and methods to guarantee success!

The ONLY binaural simulator to offer in app purchases!

Reach a state previously only achievable through recreational or prescription methods.

I-Doser is the only on-the-go mobile brainwave modification tool based on proven and effective sequencing. All you need is your headphones.

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